why is gold used as the ray reflector

why is gold used as the ray reflector 1 why is gold used as the ray reflector 2

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When Do I Use the Different Reflector Colors? | Improve ,

Aug 10, 2011· As Geoffrey above said the silver/gold mix is in my opinion the better way to go as it provides that beautiful middle of the road compromise between the harsh orange of the gold reflectors and the neutrality of the silver reflectors, providing that soft, beautiful semi golden soft light for portraits...

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How to Use a Reflector - Photography Life

Home » Photography Tutorials » How to Use a Reflector Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) , rectangular and triangular reflectors There are white, gold and silver reflectors, as well as combinations of these three colors with names like Sunfire, SoftSilver, Zebra and Sparkling Sun...

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Why Use Reflectors For Portrait Photography? - ePHOTOzine

Apr 03, 2014· Silver reflectors produce a brighter, reflected light while gold ones are good when you want the light to be warmer and more subtle However, do be careful as the effect silver and gold reflectors ....

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Board Reflectors | How to Use Reflector Boards to Improve ,

Oct 25, 2017· The Gold Reflector gives a hard light source similar to the silver AND it will change the color temperature of the light The Gold reflector is probably best used to liven up skin tones and boost eye light, especially for photo shoots at the beach or in the waning sunlight of ,...

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why is gold used as the ray reflector - luxconsulteu

8_____ Concentrator Optics , A portion of the incident ray may be reflected from the surface as shown, , Figure 823 shows the specular reflectance of several materials as a function of wavelength and illustrates why silver is widely used as a reflector material for solar collectors Gold, for example, has a very high reflectance in the ...

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gold or silver reflectors? | Photo Photography Forums

Sep 25, 2009· The only difference between the silver and gold units is that the silver will reflect the light that hits it, as-is, while the gold reflector renders a slightly warmer cast (and may be just a ,...

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